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August 1 · Pay tribute to the soldiers

August 1 · Pay tribute to the soldiers

August 1 · Pay tribute to the soldiers


A man of steel, a man of spirit

Green mountains with green water, blue sky with white clouds, flowers with heroes, bearing with soldiers, the time of the arrival of August 1, to the whole of China's soldiers to pay high respect ~

Foreword: Gunfire in Nanchang

       As we all know, the August 1 Army Day originated from the Nanchang Uprising 92 years ago. Zhou Enlai led the launch of this war, firing the first shot of armed resistance against the Kuomintang reactionaries, and the People's Army under the leadership of the Communist Party of China was born. Let's take a look back at this history.

The origin of the "August 1 Army Day"

(1) The gunfire in Nanchang was the first shot fired in armed resistance against the Kuomintang reactionaries;

(2) The Sixth Congress of the Communist Party of China considered the 1927 Canton Riot to be the beginning of the Chinese Soviet revolution, and officially decided that "Canton Riot Day" (December 11) would be a fixed memorial day;

(3) In 1929, a serious economic crisis broke out in the capitalist world. The Communist International believes that this economic crisis will inevitably turn into a new imperialist war;

(4) In 1929, the Communist International decided to call on the proletariat and the oppressed nations of the world to mobilize against the imperialist war on August 1;

(5) On June 23, 1933, the Provisional Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued a resolution on the "August 1st Anti-imperialist War Day", pointing out: "This year's August 1st Anti-War Day" commemorates the founding of the Red Army. At this time, the August First Army Day was officially established.

From revolutionary heroes to liberation pioneers, as well as tens of thousands of martyrs dedicated to the country, and now the people's army before the crisis, they have always been the most lovely people, the most respectable people, but also the most memorable people!

Second,Pay tribute to the loveliest person

1 Earthquake floods, they use the responsibility to create a miracle of life. Flood relief, where you need to move, the change is the face and time, the same is the original intention and adherence, to fight in the front line of the flood salute!

2. Border posts, which faithfully guard and defend national security. With their arms outstretched, they are surrounded in front of them and the motherland behind them; They guard the great rivers and mountains of the motherland with their lives.

3. World peace. They build a fortress of peace with their flesh and blood. In the war to resist the United States and aid Korea, the Chinese volunteers in order to promote world peace, ensure the security of China's border, endure the extremely cold weather, with strong will, won the war.

Third, defense industry, we are on the road

      We do not have the poet Du Fu "ErCao body and fame are destroyed, not waste rivers and ancient streams" like lofty aspirations; Not magical and brilliant scientific giants, like the dazzling achievements of the stars; It is also less than the revolutionary heroes who sacrificed their lives, and have the majestic spirit of staying in the world, sacrificing their lives for justice, and smiling at the sky. However, we believe that "every man is responsible for the rise and fall of the world!"


       In the long river of Chinese history, the world's rich and healthy dynasties are relatively few, frequent wars, dynasties change, and now we are living in such an era of peace and contentment, we should have the "worry before the world" of the family and national feelings. Fujian Metal-new Aluminum Technology Co., LTD., the deaerator and filter plate used in the military production line, only for the motherland to contribute to the construction of strength!

      Fujian Metal-new Aluminum Technology Co., LTD., founded in Minhou County, Fuzhou, Fujian in November 2010, the company takes "hand and brain together, towards innovation" as its motto, adhering to the concept of people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence, innovation and integrity. We will always take the family and national feelings and inherit the red thought as the core, constantly explore and innovate, and commit ourselves to building a strong and prosperous motherland and inheriting the family and national feelings.

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