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Xi Jinping: Speech at the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement

Xi Jinping: Speech at the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement

Xi Jinping: Speech at the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement


  Members of the Communist Youth League, dear young friends, comrades,

  One hundred years ago, the May Fourth Movement broke out in China, which shocked the whole world. It was an epoch-making event in China's modern history.

  This year marks the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement and the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. At this historic moment of special significance, we are gathered here to remember the lofty patriotic feelings and revolutionary spirit of the May Fourth pioneers, and to sum up the valuable experience of the Party and the people in exploring the road to national rejuvenation. It is of great significance to encourage the whole Party and the people of all ethnic groups in China, especially the young Chinese in the new era, to work hard to finish building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, accelerate the building of a modern socialist country, and realize the Chinese dream of great national renewal.

  Dear young friends and comrades,

  The May Fourth Movement broke out at a time of national peril. It was a great patriotic revolutionary movement against imperialism and feudalism, with advanced young intellectuals as the vanguard and the broad masses of the people participating. It was a great social revolutionary movement launched by the Chinese people to save the nation from peril, safeguard national dignity and gather national strength. It is a great ideological enlightenment movement and a new cultural movement that spreads new ideas, new culture and new knowledge. It has inspired the Chinese people and the Chinese nation with great power to realize the aspiration and confidence of national rejuvenation.

  The May Fourth Movement, with its revolutionary nature of thoroughly opposing imperialism and feudalism, its progressive pursuit of the truth of saving the country and strengthening it, and the extensive participation of the people of all ethnic groups and all walks of life, promoted social progress in China, promoted the spread of Marxism in China, promoted the integration of Marxism with the Chinese workers' movement, and made ideological and official preparations for the founding of the Communist Party of China. It created conditions for new revolutionary forces, revolutionary culture and revolutionary struggle to emerge on the stage of history. It was a turning point for China's old democratic revolution to move toward a new democratic revolution, and was a milestone in the historical process of the Chinese nation's pursuit of national independence, development and progress in modern times.

  The May Fourth Movement held high the great banner of patriotism with the strength of the whole nation. The May Fourth Movement gave birth to the great May Fourth spirit with patriotism, progress, democracy and science as its main content, and its core is patriotism. Patriotism is the core of our national spirit and the spiritual bond that keeps the Chinese nation united and striving for self-improvement. During the May Fourth Movement, in the face of the survival and death of the country and the nation, a group of patriotic young people came forward, and the people of the whole country rose up to fight, vowing that "the land should not be destroyed, the people should not bow their heads," and played a patriotic song that will last forever.

  History has shown that patriotism has been in the blood of the Chinese nation since ancient times. It cannot be destroyed, broken or destroyed. It is a powerful spiritual driving force for the Chinese people and nation to safeguard national independence and dignity. The Chinese people and the Chinese nation will unleash tremendous historical power in their struggle to transform China and the world.

  - The May Fourth Movement, with the actions of the whole nation, inspired the great awakening of the pursuit of truth and progress. Before and after the May Fourth Movement, a group of advanced intellectuals and revolutionary youth in our country spread new ideas and culture in pursuit of truth, bravely broke the shackles of feudal thought, and violently attacked the old feudal ethics, morals, ideas, and culture that had been in place for thousands of years. The May Fourth Movement changed the situation of the struggle of the masses of the people, who were only conscious revolutionaries but lacked awakening, and realized the full awakening of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation for the first time since the Opium War. After the baptism of the May Fourth Movement, more and more Chinese advanced elements gathered under the banner of Marxism, and in 1921 the Communist Party of China was officially founded, opening a new page in Chinese history.

  History has profoundly shown that with Marxism, with the leadership of the Communist Party of China, and with the great awakening of the Chinese people and nation, no one can stop the trend of the Chinese people and nation's pursuit of truth and progress.

  - The May Fourth Movement cultivated the great tradition of permanent struggle with the fighting of the whole nation.  Through the May Fourth Movement, the Chinese youth discovered their strength, the Chinese people and the Chinese nation discovered their strength. The Chinese people and the Chinese nation have learned from the practice of struggle that the development of Chinese society, the revitalization of the Chinese nation and the happiness of the Chinese people must be achieved through their own heroic struggles, and no one will bestow on us a bright China.

  History profoundly shows that as long as the Chinese people and the Chinese nation have the courage to fight and sacrifice to change their destiny, our country will surely become rich and strong, and our nation will surely achieve great rejuvenation!

  The past 100 years since the May 4th Movement have been a century in which the Chinese youth generation after generation have continued to struggle and marched forward triumphantly, and a century in which the Chinese youth have used their youth to create a young China and a young nation.

  Over the past 100 years, Chinese youth, full of pure heart for the motherland and the people, have actively engaged in the great cause of revolution, construction and reform led by the Party, fought for the people, devoted themselves to the motherland and the people, and fought for a happy life, dedicating their best youth to the motherland and the people, and composed one magnificent song after another of youth.

  Practice has fully proved that Chinese youth are young people with lofty ideals and aspirations! Chinese youth are young people with profound feelings of home and country! Chinese youth are young people with great creativity! No matter in the past, now or in the future, the Chinese youth will always be the vanguard force for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

  Dear young friends and comrades,

  Today, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, we have blazed a path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, formed a system of theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics, established a system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, developed a culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and ushered socialism with Chinese characteristics into a new era. The Chinese people now have unprecedented confidence in their path, theory, system and culture, and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has opened up unprecedented bright prospects.

  The theme of the Chinese Youth Movement in the new era, the direction of the Chinese youth Movement in the new era, and the mission of the Chinese youth in the new era are to uphold the leadership of the Communist Party of China and work with the people to achieve the "two centenary goals" and realize the Chinese dream of great national rejuvenation.

  Young people are the most active and dynamic force in the whole social force, the hope of the country lies in the young people, the future of the nation lies in the young people. Today, the Chinese youth in the new era are in the best period of the development of the Chinese nation, facing not only the rare life opportunity of making contributions, but also the mission of The Times that "heaven will drop great responsibilities to great people". Chinese youth in the new era should continue to carry forward the May Fourth spirit, take the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation as their own responsibility, live up to the expectations of the Party, the expectations of the people, the great trust of the nation, and live up to our great era.

  First, the young people of China in the new era should set lofty aspirations. The ideals and beliefs of the young people affect the future of the country. With lofty ideals and firm convictions, young people are the invincible driving force for a country and a nation to advance. If young people aim high, they can stimulate their striving potential, and their youth will not drift like a rudderless boat. As the saying goes, "Determined and holy is holy, and determined and wise is wise." Young people will have different life goals and career choices, but only by integrating their own ego into the great self of the motherland and the great self of the people, keeping pace with The Times and sharing the destiny with the people, can they better realize the value of life and sublimate the realm of life. Without the needs of the motherland and the interests of the people, any egoism will fall into a narrow world.

  The young people of China in the new era should have faith in Marxism, faith in socialism with Chinese characteristics, confidence in the Chinese dream of great national renewal, go out to the masses of the people, go to the new era and new world, let the ideals and beliefs sublimate in the entrepreneurial struggle, and let the youth shine in the innovation and creation!

  Second, young Chinese in the new era should love the great motherland. Dr. Sun Yat-sen said that the biggest thing for a man is to know how to love his country. If a person does not love his country, or even cheats and betrays his motherland, it is a disgrace in his own country and in the world, and there is no place for him. For every Chinese, patriotism is the duty, but also the duty, is the heart of the tie, the feeling of home. For Chinese youth in the new era, love for the motherland is the foundation of life and talent. In contemporary China, the essence of patriotism is to adhere to the high unity of patriotism, love for the Party and love for socialism.

  The young people of China in the new era should listen to the Party, follow the Party, have a heart of concern for the country and the people, love the country and the people, and continue to devote themselves to the motherland and the people, with a lifetime of genuine devotion and a lifetime of tenacious struggle to reflect patriotism, so that the great flag of patriotism will always fly high in the heart!

  Third, Chinese youth in the new era should shoulder the responsibilities of The Times. The Times call for responsibility, and national rejuvenation is the responsibility of young people. Mr. Lu Xun said, "What young people have in abundance is vitality. When they meet a deep forest, they can make flat land; when they meet a wilderness, they can plant trees; when they meet a desert, they can dig Wells." On the new journey of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, to meet major challenges, fend off major risks, overcome major obstacles, and resolve major contradictions, we urgently need to face up to difficulties and stand up for the spirit of responsibility. As long as young people are brave enough to shoulder heavy burdens, brave enough to overcome difficulties and brave enough to face risks, socialism with Chinese characteristics will be full of vitality, vitality and hope. Young people should keep the newborn calf not afraid of tigers, the more difficult the more forward of the strong courage and courage, the tide of The Times, and strive to be the pioneer of The Times. All regard exploration attempts as a fearful path, all bear the burden of the former line of loss, all "hide into the small building into a unified" to evade responsibility of thought and behavior, are not to be, are not capable of doing things, is difficult to really get happiness in life.

  Chinese youth in the new era should cherish this era, shoulder the mission of the era, experience in the responsibility, grow up in the responsibility, let the youth bloom in the vast world of reform and opening up in the new era, let life in the pursuit of the pursuit of the Chinese dream to show the courage to run, and strive to become the socialist builders and successors of all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical beauty and labor!

  Fourth, the young people of China in the new era should have the courage to work hard. Struggle is the most beautiful background color of youth. "If you have confidence in your life for 200 years, you will be able to hit the water for three thousand li." The mission of national rejuvenation must be realized by struggle, and the sails of the ideal of life must be raised by struggle. Without the tireless efforts of the people, especially generations of young people, there would be no new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics today, still less a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation tomorrow. For thousands of years, the Chinese nation has gone through hardships, but none of them can defeat us, and in the end, they have promoted the sublimation of our national spirit, will and strength. Today, our living conditions are better, but the spirit of struggle cannot be less, and the good tradition of permanent struggle of Chinese youth cannot be lost at all. On the new journey of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, there are bound to be arduous tasks, difficulties and even stormy seas, and we need to carry forward the spirit of hard work and struggle. Struggle is not just a loud slogan, but to do a good job in every small thing, complete every task, perform every duty to see the spirit. The road of struggle will not be smooth sailing, often thorny, full of frustrations. Strong, always rise from setbacks, never discouraged.

  The young people of China in the new era should bravely be pioneers, pioneers and devotees at the forefront of The Times, fearless in the face of all difficulties and obstacles, pioneering forward in the waves, opening up the world in the obstacles, creating achievements in the difficulties, and creating new miracles with youth and sweat that make the world sit up and take note!

  Fifth, the young people of China in the new era should develop their skills. Youth is the golden period for hard training and increasing ability. "There is nothing to be accomplished in wasted youth, and nothing to be mourned by a white head." In today's era, knowledge renewal is accelerating, social division of labor is becoming increasingly detailed, and new technologies, new models and new business forms are emerging in an endless stream. This not only provides a broad stage for young people to display their talents and compete, but also puts forward new and higher requirements for young people's ability and quality. Whether it is to achieve their own ideal of life, or to take on the sacred mission of The Times, young people should cherish their youth, live up to their youth, work hard to learn to master scientific knowledge, improve their internal quality, hone their skills, and make their thinking vision, ideas, and understanding level keep up with the faster and faster development of The Times.

  Chinese youth in the new era should strengthen the sense of urgency to learn, thirst for and tireless study, strive to learn Marxist positions, viewpoints and methods, strive to master scientific and cultural knowledge and professional skills, and strive to improve humanistic literacy, increase knowledge and temper character in study, increase ability and train skills in work, serve the people with real talent and learning, and contribute to the country with innovation and creation!

  Sixth, the young people of China in the new era should cultivate their moral character. A man cannot stand without virtue, and virtue is the foundation of man. To stop at the best is the constant pursuit of personality of the Chinese nation. The great modern socialist country we want to build must be strong not only in material terms, but also in spirit. Spiritually strong, is more lasting, deeper, more powerful. Young people should closely combine correct moral cognition, conscious moral cultivation and positive moral practice, constantly cultivate their moral integrity, lay a solid moral foundation, and go further and correct on the road of life. In the face of complex world changes, we should distinguish right from wrong, abide by the right path, and not follow others blindly. In the face of external temptations, we must maintain our concentration, strictly abide by the rules, create a better life with industrious hands and honest labor, and refuse to take advantage of opportunism and stay away from being clever. In the face of good times, we must have the gratitude of thinking about the source of drinking water and knowing how to return, and be grateful to the Party and the country, society and the people. In the struggle, we should feel the warmth of the world, the worries of the people, and the contradictions in reality, and find the true meaning of life, the value of life, and the direction of our career.

  Chinese young people in the new era should consciously establish and practice core socialist values, be good at drawing moral nourishment from the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, feel moral style from heroes and role models of The Times, and improve moral practice from their own introspection, showing great virtues, upholding public virtues, and strictly practicing private virtues. We should consciously reject false ideas such as money worship, hedonism, extreme individualism, and historical nihilism, and pursue a life of greater height, greater scope, and greater taste, so that the whole society will be filled with fresh air and vitality.

  Dear young friends and comrades,

  Since its founding, the Communist Party of China has always regarded youth work as an extremely important work of the Party. Generation after generation of Chinese Communists, most of them joined Party organizations when they were young, full of faith and pride, and fought for the Party and the people all their lives. There are always active young people in the ranks of the Party who embrace lofty ideals and are full of the spirit of struggle, which is an important reason why our Party has always been full of vitality after a century of wind and rain. Aspiring to the great cause of the Chinese nation, the Communist Party of China must always represent, win and rely on the young people, and do youth work with great strength to ensure that the Party's cause is passed on from generation to generation and that the Chinese nation enjoys sustainable development.

  To train the young generation into socialist builders and successors with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness, the United States and labor is a major strategic task bearing on the future and destiny of the Party and the country, and it is the common political responsibility of the whole Party. Party committees and governments at all levels, leading cadres at all levels and the whole society should fully trust young people, show enthusiasm for young people, strictly demand young people, pay attention to young people's aspirations, help young people's development, support young people's entrepreneurship, and be the confidant of young people's friends, the enthusiastic person of youth work, and the guide of young people.

  We should take the initiative to approach young people, listen to young people, and be the confidant of young people's friends. Contemporary young people have active thoughts, quick thinking, novel ideas, and broad interests. They are eager to explore the unknown, accept new things quickly, have a strong sense of subjectivity and participation, and have a strong desire to realize life development. This youthful nature, which gives young people vitality, passion, imagination and creativity, should be fully recognized. At the same time, young people do not have a wide experience, and it is easy to know and understand the world from their own perspective and from the perspective of the ideal state, which inevitably brings limitations to them. This is the law of youth growth, and we must respect this law. Trust is the precondition of understanding. It is necessary to respect the nature of young people, take into account their characteristics, visit them regularly, have close contact with them and have face-to-face exchanges, understand their ideological trends, value orientations, ways of behavior and lifestyles, and listen to their views on social problems and phenomena, as well as their opinions and suggestions on the work of the Party and government. Even if you hear sharp or even biased criticism, you should change it if there is one, and encourage if there is none, and become a close friend who is willing to tell the truth, make sincerity and tell the truth. The young should learn from the elderly, and the elderly should also learn from the young, learn from each other's strong points, trust and help each other.

  We should show genuine concern for young people, love young people, and do youth work. Young people are in the initial stage of life, and they often encounter various difficulties and troubles in study, work and life, and need timely help from the society. The youth of today meet with many difficulties which we have never met before. Pressure is the driving force of young people's growth, and in the key place of young people's growth, when it is important to pull and help, it may be an important fulcrum for young people to overcome the pressure and develop into talent. We should pay attention to the thoughts, worries and expectations of young people, help them solve their worries and troubles in graduation, job hunting, innovation and entrepreneurship, social integration, marriage and dating, elderly support, and children's education, and strive to create good conditions for young people's development, so that they can feel that love is at their side and care is right in front of them.

  We must carefully educate and guide young people, and be the guide of the young people. Young people want to grow up smoothly, just like seedlings need to be carefully cultivated, when the soil should be cultivated, when the water should be watered, when the fertilization should be fertilized, when the medicine should be fertilized, when the pruning should be pruned. We must adhere to the unity of caring, loving and strict requirements, respecting laws and actively leading, educate and guide young people to have a correct understanding of the world, fully understand the national conditions, and grasp the trend of The Times. It is necessary to understand the thoughts of young people and open up the vast sky for them to gallop their minds, and it is also necessary to actively educate and guide young people and push them to step onto the broad stage where they can make great achievements. When young people are confused and confused in their thinking and understanding, and when their life choices are at a crossroads, we should encourage them to cheer up and go forward, give them enthusiastic encouragement when they make progress in their work, help them regain their confidence when they encounter difficulties in their career, and point out and help them correct when they make mistakes and do wrong things in time. We should give more education and guidance to some young people's ideological impulses or extremes, be tolerant and inclusive, give them more time and space to improve their self-awareness, and do not be too harsh. We should actively encourage young people to work hard and hone their abilities, let them overcome difficulties and display their talents in important fields and positions, and actively create development conditions for young people to make efforts to become talented, everyone can become talented, and everyone can give full play to their talents.

  Dear young friends and comrades,

  Heroes come out of youth. In the long history, there have been many young heroes in human society and young heroes in the Chinese nation. Marx was 30 years old when the Communist Manifesto was published, and Engels was 28. Lenin was only 17 years old when he first took part in revolutionary activities. Newton and Leibniz were 22 and 28 when they discovered calculus, Darwin was 22 when he set out to circumnavigate the globe, and Einstein was 26 when he formulated special relativity. Jia Yi was less than 30 years old when he wrote "the best political theory of the Western Han Dynasty", and Wang Bo was only in his 20s when he wrote the Preface to Tengwang Pavilion. In the great historical process of our Party leading the people in revolution, construction and reform, young heroes are emerging in large numbers.  Yang Jingyu was 35 years old when he died, Zhao Yiman was 31 years old when he died, Jiang Jie was 29 years old when he died, Chen Shuxiang was 29 years old when he died, Qiu Shaoyun was 26 years old when he died, Lei Feng was 22 years old when he died, Huang Jiguang was 21 years old when he died, and Liu Hulan was only 15 years old when he died. Wang Jicai, who has been guarding the island for 32 years, was 26 years old when he first landed on Kaishan Island. The average age of the Chang 'e and Shenzhou teams in space service to the country is 33 years old, and the average age of the Beidou team is 35 years old. There are countless such young heroes! We should look at the innovation and creation of young people with appreciation and praise, actively support them in life, praise and applaud the achievements and achievements of young people, let youth become the lasting landscape of the Chinese nation, and let young heroes become the vigorous force driving the Chinese nation to accelerate towards the great rejuvenation!

  Dear young friends and comrades,

  The Communist Youth League is the Party's assistant and reserve army and an important force in the Party's youth work. In the glorious history of the Chinese youth movement, the Communist Youth League has carried forward the fine tradition of "the Party has the call, the league has the action", won the hearts of young people for the Party, gathered young people's power, and made positive contributions and played an important role in the revolution, construction and reform in various historical periods. The party flag refers to the direction of the league flag. The Communist Youth League must unswervingly uphold the leadership of the Party, strengthen the "four consciences", strengthen the "four self-confidence" and achieve the "two safeguards", unswervingly follow the path of mass development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, constantly maintain and enhance its political, advanced and mass character, and persist in taking training socialist builders and successors as its fundamental task. We take it as our political responsibility to consolidate and expand the youth mass base for the Party's governance, focus on the central task and serve the overall situation as the main line of our work, earnestly fulfill our responsibilities to guide and rally young people, organize and mobilize young people, and connect and serve young people, constantly innovate our work ideas, and strengthen the cohesion, organizing and appealing power of young people. To unite and lead the young people of China in the new era in the process of realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

  Caring for and supporting young people is the shared responsibility of the whole society. All party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, the People's Liberation Army and the Armed police Force, people's organizations and social organizations, urban and rural grass-roots self-governing organizations, and new economic and social organizations should be concerned about young people's growth and support their development, give them more opportunities and better play their role.

  Dear young friends and comrades,

  Young people are the future of the country and the future of the world. The Chinese dream is closely connected with the dream of the world, and the Chinese nation should make greater contributions to human society. The young people of China in the new era should cherish the feelings of family and country, and care for mankind. They should carry forward the spirit of the world as one family and the world as one for the common good, strive for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and work hard to promote the joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative and the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

  Dear young friends, Each generation has its own long march, and each generation has its own responsibility. Building a great modern socialist country and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is a relay race. We are determined to run a good result for the youth, and we expect the current generation of young people to run even better results in the future. I sincerely hope that the young people of China in the new era will actively embrace the new era and forge ahead in the new era, so that their youth will glow more brilliant in their dedication to the motherland, the people, the nation and mankind!

  In a few days, it will be Youth Day. Here, on behalf of the Party Central Committee, I extend holiday warm congratulations to the young people of all ethnic groups in China!


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