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Carry forward the spirit of "three cows", a new journey in the New Year

Carry forward the spirit of "three cows", a new journey in the New Year

Carry forward the spirit of "three cows", a new journey in the New Year


  At the New Year tea Party of the CPPCC National Committee held on December 31, 2020,The General Secretary's message,We must carry forward the spirit of "serving the people as a child ox, innovating and developing the pioneer ox, and working hard to build a modern socialist country in an all-round way."

  The "Three Cows Spirit" inherits the powerful gene of the Chinese nation's endless life and prosperity, contains the spiritual code of the Chinese people to strive for self-improvement and forge ahead. It is also a portrayal of the spirit of the Chinese people in the new era to work hard for the people, forge ahead and take on solid work. It is the spirit that Matt has always upheld in its new development and progress.


"I serve the children" - the original mission of serving the people and selfless dedication


  We need to focus more on the livelihood issues that the people are concerned about, take more targeted measures, implement one thing at a time, and work year by year to make the people's sense of gain, happiness, and security fuller, more secure, and more sustainable.

—General Secretary's speech at the grassroots Delegates' symposium on September 17, 2020

  From reform and opening up to poverty alleviation and then to a well-off society in an all-round way, it is the same original intention and mission that has enabled our country to overcome one difficulty after another and continue to develop and grow in the face of various risks and challenges.

  To be a willing "ox serving the children", we must always keep in mind our original aspiration, mission and purpose, carry out the people-centered development philosophy throughout the whole process of our work, and always take seeking happiness, development and convenience for the people as the driving force and direction of development. We will turn the spirit of serving the people into the driving force to overcome difficulties, combine our consistent original aspiration and mission with our new historical tasks, always put the people in the highest place in our hearts, strive to solve their worries and troubles, speak for them, and benefit them.

 Metal-new always takes the development of advanced aluminum alloy materials and related equipment technology to help the country in various important fields as the research center, accelerates the industry's technological progress and industrial upgrading as the responsibility, puts people first and serves people.


"Pioneer cattle" - innovative development, overcome difficulties of the enterprising spirit


  If we compare scientific and technological innovation to the new engine of China's development, then reform is the necessary ignition system to ignite this new engine. We need to take more effective measures to improve the ignition system and start the new innovation-driven engine at full speed.

  一On June 9, 2014, the General Secretary delivered a speech at the 17th Academician Conference of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the 12th academician Conference of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

  In today's world, only the reformers advance, only the innovators are strong, and only the innovators win. Innovation is the primary driving force for development, the strategic support for building a modern socialist country, and an important magic weapon for seizing the commanding heights of international competition during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. At present, the world's development challenges and opportunities coexist, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is at a historical threshold of major breakthroughs, and 5G and other smart technologies have broad prospects for development.

  The key to breaking through development bottlenecks and seizing historic opportunities lies in innovation and change. Willing to be a "pioneer cow", it is necessary to establish the innovative spirit of "brave for the world first", forge ahead with reform, dare to try, both the courage to cross the river with stones, but also the wisdom to accurately identify change, scientific response, and actively seek change, strive to open a new bureau in the change, through in-depth and extensive research in related fields, in accordance with the changes in the formation of new experience, gather new wisdom, and contribute new programs. To become a warrior in overcoming difficulties, reform and innovation in the new era.


  Metal-new, with "hand and brain together, towards innovation" as the company motto, always firmly believe that only the courage to innovate, dare to explore to walk out of a new road, the future will also be industrial intelligence, high-performance aluminum alloy materials, hydrogen energy and other new directions to challenge.



Sino-german cooperation project - ultra-high pressure aluminum alloy gas cylinder

"Old cattle" - hard work, hard work style state


  Only a life of struggle can be called a happy life. Struggle is hard, hardships and hardships, jade is successful, no hardship is not the real struggle, we must have the courage to purify the soul in the hard struggle, sharpen the will, firm faith. Struggle is long-term, predecessors plant trees, and future generations enjoy the shade, and the great cause needs several generations, dozens of generations, and dozens of generations to continue to struggle. Struggle is tortuous, "to sacrifice more ambition, dare to teach the sun and moon for a new day", to struggle there will be sacrifices, we must always carry forward the spirit of fearless and selfless dedication. Strugglers are the most spiritually rich people, but also the most understand happiness, the most enjoy happiness.













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