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Twenty years of grinding a sword Metal-new music new chapter - warmly celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company's establishment

Twenty years of grinding a sword Metal-new music new chapter - warmly celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company's establishment

Twenty years of grinding a sword Metal-new music new chapter - warmly celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company's establishment


First, "Look back, the long road to growth" : accumulation of steps to a thousand miles, gather young wood into a forest

       Twenty years of accumulation, sand into a tower; Work together and move forward steadily. In the two decades from 2002 to 2022, we have grown from nothing, from small to large; Twenty years, we accumulate, day by day rich. Twenty years, we sing all the way forward, all the way bathed in the sunshine and spring rain of China's reform and opening up, we Huixi River for the river, constantly overcome difficulties, and make every effort to serve the aluminum melt purification industry.


       In the past 20 years, we have followed the working idea of "continuously strengthening enterprise ties, establishing and improving fund management, actively seeking work breakthroughs, and striving to attract external funds", and raised a large amount of research and development funds for green melting, digital intelligent degassing equipment, hydrogen slag measuring instrument and defect analysis, etc., to strengthen the hard strength of the enterprise, and do the first button for achieving comprehensive green melting. Adhering to the spirit of "science and technology create the future, innovation change the world", we use enthusiasm, pragmatic, diligent, efficient and innovative working attitude to "serve the aluminum industry, serve the construction of lightweight advanced materials, and serve the development of the land, sea and air of the motherland".

       In 2002, Metal-new was founded in the school-run factory area of Fuzhou University, and was incubated in the high-tech incubator of Fujian Province. At the beginning, Metal-New grew up in the Kowloon Industrial Zone of Langqi, and developed vigorously in the Wuhushan Industrial Park of Qingkou Automobile Industrial Park. On the long road of development, a steady stream of professionals will be trained to help the development of lightweight materials in the motherland. In the past 20 years, we have also been bumpy and forging ahead, and have gone through wind and rain, and for 20 years, we have worked hard day after day. Accumulation of steps to a thousand miles, gather young wood into a forest, step by step to now. From the initial technical backbone to now a well-structured and efficient operation system, it has won 10 provincial and municipal science and technology projects, 10 provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards, 3 provincial and ministerial research and development platforms, and 5 provincial and ministerial honorary plaques. Our projects of "foam ceramic filter plate", "bubble bed green melting equipment", "online degassing equipment", "filter device" and "slag tester" are profound marks of Metal-new in the century-old history of aluminum melt purification industry.


Second, "Along the way, the leadership of the heart phase" : care is trust, such as sunshine such as spring rain

      Ewha is fragrant with the spring rain, and Metal-new cannot flourish without the government's care. For 20 years, it has been growing and developing with the support of the government. Article by article funding policy, kind visits and concerns again and again, it is the sun that warms the heart, it is the warm spring rain, and it is the driving force of Metal-new. It is our leading light to encourage the company to continue to innovate, thrive, and contribute greater responsibility and courage to the development of the aluminum melt purification industry.



Three, "Brilliant brocade Scroll, twenty years of achievements" : sonorous steps, stepping out of the echo

       Twenty years of time, twenty years of journey, we take action as the pen, with time to ink, with love and responsibility to forge the charm, in the Metal-new picture scroll, describe the most brilliant splendid achievements. In the past 20 years, we have succeeded in the trial production of the first filter plate, won the support of the innovation fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology, successfully developed the first degator, obtained the free funding project of the technology innovation Fund of small and medium-sized enterprises, and officially established the green melting and casting demonstration line to establish a 160m nano-porous foam ceramic filter plate automatic production line, achieving an annual output of 300,000 pieces of filter plate. Aluminum alloy casting annual output of 30,000 tons. Cooperation with the Institute of Metal Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop 3D cold spray material manufacturing auto parts, cooperation with the Beijing Process Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop "SiC/Al2O3 composite foam ceramic fiber", cooperation with the Fujian Institute of Material Structure of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop "aluminum alloy pollution-free green melting common key technology", and so on, we have never stopped on the road of science and technology research and development!


Four, "Drinking water think about the source, do not forget the original heart" : Drinking water do not forget to think about the source, irrigation three thousand peaches and plies

       In the past 20 years, Metal-new has never forgotten you: we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the leaders at all levels, external manufacturers, suppliers and external friends who have been concerned about the development of the company for a long time. At the same time, I would like to extend my lofty greetings to all the employees who have worked hard for the company's operation and development in various positions! And convey my best wishes to your family! In the New Year, we must continue to work hard, start from a new starting line, and add a bright brush to the vast picture of the century-old Matt.


5. "Looking to the Future, Building Dreams Without Stopping" : Look up at the stars and build a vast dream scene

       Looking back on the past, it is a long road that has been walked down to earth for 20 years, and looking into the future, there are more vast oceans of stars waiting for us to explore. As a high-tech, national specialized special new small giant enterprise, Metal-new, after 20 years of development, enterprise scientific and technological innovation achievements, has become the domestic and international aluminum alloy smelting and refining technology field "vane".

    In the future, Metal-new will strive to be the leader of green aluminum melt; Comprehensive development of melt purification equipment digital intelligence; Continue to optimize the technology of hydrogen and slag measurement; Accelerating the construction and promotion of intelligent industrial chain will lead the aluminum melt purification industry to bloom on the world stage. A hundred years of Maite new, build a dream never stop!


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