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Fun Sports | Metal new The 2022 Fun Sports Games Are Coming Big

Fun Sports | Metal new The 2022 Fun Sports Games Are Coming Big

Fun Sports | Metal new The 2022 Fun Sports Games Are Coming Big


Fun Sports | Metal new The 2022 Fun Sports Games Are Coming Big


The sun is blowing and the breeze is blowing

Metal-new2022 Annual Fall Sports Festival

Come as scheduled

Cheers mixed with shouts

Struggle and sweat collision

Look back with "Metal-new Life"

The highlight of the sports meeting


# Opening of the sports meeting #


The opening ceremony was presided over by General manager Ke Yucheng and gave a passionate speech, encouraging all the athletes to carry forward the healthy and happy sportsmanship, tenacious struggle, obey the referee, respect the opponent, give full play to their strength and advantages, and achieve the best results at the same time, to achieve safety and happiness.

Then General manager Ke Yucheng and deputy General manager Chen Qun led the two teams of the office also appeared.

Then, the fun games officially kicked off, the athletes' entrance song sounded everyone's heart, the warm sunshine, active out the spirit of the athletes. The opening ceremony ushered in an exciting moment in the applause, the official opening.



# Event review #


Warm-up exercise (bottle grab)


Grab the bottle movement began, they are ready to start, before the game both sides will put their hands on the ears, the referee said start, players according to the referee's instructions to point out the various parts of the body, when accompanied by a "grab the bottle", all the participants like an arrow from the string, like a meteor, like lightning, reach for the bottle.



Quick of eye and quick of hand


A small baton connects solidarity and tacit understanding, and carries dreams and hopes. They continue to transfer, pass, run, only to complete the common expectations.


Dance around


When a ping-pong ball meets a balloon, the two balls collide and create a spark of unity. Their hands shake to drive the body to swing, you chase me, racing against time, multiple challenges, the test is not only the coordination of the body, but also the tacit understanding of the team.


Multiple rope skipping


After a quick shake of the rope, hold your breath, jump, and land, the movement is consistent and in one go. They fought with all their might, with one jump, against the long rope. Although it is a simple sport, it is the embodiment of the smart cooperation between the team.


# Significance of holding the games #


Fun games not only enrich the lives of employees, but also promote the communication between everyone, enhance the sense of team and honor, the form is simple but profound.

Fun games is "sports, health, happiness" as the theme, through the reasonable design of the competition items, can let the participants feel the competitive nature of sports in the competition, more experience the fun of sports, happiness and laughter to everyone.

When the atmosphere on the sports field is warm and the people are buzzing, the athletes on the field can vent their passion to the fullest, show their sports specialties through various projects, and feel the power of unity and the happiness of sports.


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