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2022Metal-new Mid-Autumn Festival cake event successfully concluded

2022Metal-new Mid-Autumn Festival cake event successfully concluded

2022Metal-new Mid-Autumn Festival cake event successfully concluded


Mid-Autumn moon round - Bo cake win the champion

fromRiverside who first saw the month, the beginning of the month according to people”Philosophical thoughts on the universe;to“The moon rises bright, the outstanding person is in charge, the comfortable and tangled, the diligent and quiet”The old, haunting moonlight beauty. Since ancient times, the moon has placed people's ancient and long feelings.  

Let's take you inside Matt's "new" ball today and see how we play with the "moon"?

1. 【 Playing with the "Moon" 】

It's the annual Mid-Autumn Festival again

The dice bowl tinkled

Bobo cake gifts jubilant ~

Thanks to the hard workers

With all due care and courtesy

One show, two, three red, four, number one, second...

May hold your luck in the coming year

The sound of the crisp dice, the sound of the ear

When singing and laughing, never stop

Get some luck with Matt's "new" ball man

Your lucky count is about to Max out

二、【 Appreciating the "Moon" 】

  Moon cake, also called moon group, harvest cake, palace cake, reunion cake, etc., is the ancient Mid-Autumn Festival to worship the moon god offerings. Mooncakes symbolize happy reunion.

And today's Matt "new" ball man was no exception. We gather together to enjoy the moon cake, to convey the family affection, talk, enjoy the happiness of family!

Three, 【 Happy "Moon" part 】

The moon is far away and we are near
It was fifteen and the moon was shining again
From far-flung places to gathering and working together
From strangers to colleagues warm company
Thank you for the full moon shining on the human years
Thank you for growing up together to make ups and downs have meaning
Another Mid-Autumn festival thank you together

Let us continue to "Mai" into the "new" future

"Special" innovation is wonderful

Enjoy the beautiful scenery, the period of the future

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Although the article is over, but our story will not end, customs will not end, I hope that in such a beautiful festival, you always have people who love you to accompany.



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