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"Qingyun Line" training officially opened

"Qingyun Line" training officially opened

"Qingyun Line" training officially opened


"Qingyun Line" training officially opened

Be who we are. Be who we are

The first one-day management training ended successfully, with a total of 11 participants. Metal-new2022 level management shoulders the mission of thriving enterprises, we race with time, with action to obtain new knowledge; We learn advanced management experience, with hard work to improve management level; We are not defined, just to make a different version of ourselves.


Fujian Metal-new Aluminum Technology Co., LTD. Management training

One,Training content

Become the workplace elite is only one step away, move your fingers, quickly get new knowledge ~~~

01. The Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 rule, the Key minority Rule, the 82 rule, and the Pareto Rule) states that only about 20% of variables control 80% of situations.


02. 80% of the world is the general public and 20% is the rich. But the general public holds 20% of the wealth, while the rich hold 80%. Therefore, businesses that focus on the 20 percent who own 80 percent of the wealth will certainly make money.
03. How to apply the 80/20 principle at work?
A, define the effect you need to achieve in a certain thing;

B. Identify the three analyses that are most important for achieving a given effect;

C, decisive action;

D) Stop after 80% of the effect is achieved.

04. If an enterprise wants to be successful, it must achieve good performance and rapid development of productivity through management, and build core competitiveness through the overall management system. So let's look at the definition of management and the evolution of ideas.

Two, Training effect

See how the Kings learn? So this is the legendary student notes...


They express their opinions on controversial topics, and that may be the fun of knowledge. They seek to be unapologetic, but from a different perspective, these are issues that deserve to be debated and rethought.

Three, train you to speak

Chen Kunzhou (Manager of technical department) : The first training, I met the management. The teacher led us to get acquainted with the principle of 28 and understand the basic knowledge of management, including how to work more efficiently and how to manage enterprises efficiently.

Maerron (Manager of manufacturing Department) : Management is a process in which people make effective decision, plan, organize, lead and control with the human, material, financial and information resources possessed by the organization to achieve the established organizational goals in an efficient manner. Management should govern the enterprise through the five means of coercion, exchange, punishment, incentive, communication and persuasion.

Wang Ge (Manager of financial Department) Through the study of management courses, I realized that as a member of the enterprise manager, he must have foresight and foresight, that is, he must be able to lead the enterprise to a correct road, or even if he makes mistakes, he will not make fatal mistakes, so that the enterprise can develop and grow for a long time.

Four,Training order

Change the usual training "I talk and you listen", change the thinking mode of "teacher and student role exchange", in the process of growing up, meet a better self. Here are three steps to getting good lecturer skills~~

01.Can talk and do

Be good at finding and solving problems in practice. Summarize your professional skills or techniques, and speak well as well as do well.

02.Effective expression

Have a logical framework and focus before the speech, and then gradually expand the narrative, master the rhythm, highlight the key points, and do not mess up.

03.Good listener

The core of good listening is empathy. Experience the situation of others, so as to feel and understand the emotions of others, active classroom atmosphere, promote learning enthusiasm, improve learning efficiency.

Teaching with awards

Hit the key point!!! 

    Your class is evaluated by listeners, and the top five lecturers in the voting will receive a surprise prize!

▇ Future outlook       

One person can go fast, but a group of people can go further. It is believed that the management of this new term of Mette will deliver satisfactory answers to Mette New with practical actions.



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