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Strive hard to compose a magnificent chapter! Metal new has been listed on the National Specialized, Refined, and New "Little Giant" Enterprise List!

Strive hard to compose a magnificent chapter! Metal new has been listed on the National Specialized, Refined, and New "Little Giant" Enterprise List!

Strive hard to compose a magnificent chapter! Metal new has been listed on the National Specialized, Refined, and New "Little Giant" Enterprise List!


Strive hard to compose a magnificent chapter! Metal new has been listed on the National Specialized, Refined, and New "Little Giant" Enterprise List!


Forge a new journey and build a new era. Fujian Mette New Aluminum Technology Co., LTD. (referred to as: Mette New), the leading enterprise of Southeast China Automobile Industry Alliance, is located in Wuhushan Industrial Park, Qingkou Investment Zone, Fuzhou City. Relying on the advantages of new aluminum materials and new technologies, Mette New has made many technical breakthroughs in China's aluminum industry, helping China's aluminum industry to develop green manufacturing, and making great contributions to China's aerospace, high-speed rail and shipping industries. At the same time, the new products developed by the company quickly seized the market and became an indispensable high-quality blank for automotive lightweight aluminum alloy manufacturing.Recently, Metal-new, with its strong innovation ability, high market share, outstanding core technology, excellent quality and efficiency and other overall competitive advantages, successfully won the fourth batch of National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology specialized new "little giant" enterprise list!This time, Metal-new was successfully selected into the list of national specialized and special "little giant" enterprises, which reflects the recognition of Metal-new's professional level, innovation ability and core competitiveness by the government authorities, the industry and the market.



    It is understood that the selected national Ministry of Industry and Information Technology specialized new "small giant" enterprises need to reach the industry leading level in research and development capacity, product capacity, economic efficiency, innovation ability, management, specialization and other special conditions, while the leading products need to meet the strategic key industrial direction of manufacturing power. The national specialized special new "little giant" enterprise is a "vanguard" enterprise that continues to take the road of specialization, refinement, specialty and novel development, focusing on market segments and mastering key core technologies, with strong innovation ability and high market share, as well as excellent development quality and efficiency.

Forge ahead with entrepreneurship and innovation
Build an international advanced aluminum alloy green smelting demonstration base


    Fujian Metal-new Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the technology, special equipment and professional materials of aluminum alloy preparation process. The company is committed to the research of green metallurgy, energy saving and emission reduction aluminum alloy melting technology, and undertook the research of automotive lightweight high-performance aluminum, and successfully developed physical metallurgy methods to replace the current chemical metallurgical methods of process materials and equipment, to promote the application of aluminum melting and casting clean production. Metal-new has developed into a leader in the domestic green aluminum metallurgy, energy saving and emission reduction industry.



    Under the leadership of Chairman Ke Dongjie, A high-level A-class talent and professor level senior engineer in Fujian Province, Metal-new has achieved fruitful results and achieved good news frequently. The company has won the national high-tech Enterprise in 2021, the Small Giant Enterprise of Fujian Province in Science and Technology in 2021, the leading industrial enterprise of Fujian Province in 2021, and the small and medium-sized enterprises of Fujian Province in 2021, and now it has won the list of the fourth batch of national specialized and special new "small Giant" enterprises in 2022, achieving a new breakthrough in enterprise leapfrog development! The company will take advantage of the national specialized special new "little giant" east wind, continue to promote independent innovation on the journey, adhere to the professional, characteristic, high-quality development of the road!



    Chairman Ke Dongjie is committed to green metallurgy, energy saving and emission reduction of aluminum alloy smelting technology research for more than 30 years, in 2007, the company began to study physical metallurgy, and successfully developed aluminum alloy melt green self-cleaning physical refining technology, the technology set in the furnace green melting technology, green purification technology outside the furnace, environmental protection recycling technology in one. It can effectively avoid the pollution caused by the discharge of toxic gas containing fluorine, chlorine and slag in the process of flux refining, and solve the common technical problems of pollution sources in the process of aluminum alloy material preparation. In 2022, Metal-new "Key Technologies and Industrialization of Digital Green Preparation" was successfully selected as a key research and industrialization project of technological innovation in Fujian Province.



    Green manufacturing is inseparable from the support of green technology, Metal-new with strong technology research and development ability in the adverse situation along the trend, become the domestic and even the international aluminum alloy smelting and refining technology "vane". The company has 40,000 square meters of international advanced aluminum alloy green smelting demonstration base, built the country's leading aluminum alloy green smelting demonstration production line; The research and development of high-performance aluminum alloy materials for aerospace, aviation and shipbuilding markets and undertake the research of high-performance aluminum materials for automotive lightweight. Focusing on the green metallurgical industry, the company continues to extend the industrial chain structure, promote green development, and help the development of low-carbon, emission reduction, low-cost and high-efficiency clean production in the aluminum industry.



    On August 3, 2022, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Society of Non-Ferrous Metals, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor GUI Weihua of the School of Automation of Central South University, Professor Sun Bei of Central South University and Fujian Metal-new Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. reached an agreement on the project of "Key technologies of green, Low carbon and intelligent preparation of high-performance aluminum alloy materials". The project solves the industry common problems of pollution sources in the aluminum alloy material preparation process, will achieve intelligent, traceable, full-closed-loop precision process and quality control, intelligent enabling for high-end aluminum alloy production and research and development, and lead the green + intelligent + low-carbon development of the aluminum industry.

Innovation and creation improve quality and efficiency
Create Metal-new new material industry innovation highland


    The unremitting pursuit of cutting-edge technology is the source of Metal-new's continuous progress, and the deep integration of production, learning and research effectively promotes the transformation of Mette's new scientific and technological achievements. In 2012, Maitexin was listed as the Fuzhou work base of the China Association for Science and Technology's "Sea Wisdom Plan", and since then, it has also carried out exchanges and cooperation with Fuzhou University, Fujian University of Technology and other universities, which not only improves the scientific research capability of Metal-new team, but also promotes the sharing of technical information results and the local transformation of scientific research results between the company and universities. In June 2020, Fujian Qingkou New Material Research and Development Center was established to promote the technological upgrading of Qingkou automobile industry. Qingkou new Materials Research and Development center with Mette New Aluminum Technology as the main body, with the technical support of the Russian Academy of Sciences, University of Nizhni Novgorod, Northeastern University Materials Electromagnetic Laboratory and the University of Kentucky Technology Center. And deep cooperation with the German Academy of Sciences and the German century-old enterprise Weltz special high pressure vessel company, with the University of Cambridge EMC, the Australian Academy of Sciences, the Netherlands Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands Academy of Sciences and many other foreign colleges and research institutes for international technical cooperation and joint development.



    The R&D center has set up "three and two centers", which are respectively the Institute of Advanced Materials, the Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing, the Institute of Hydrogen Science and Technology, the material analysis and testing center and the technology transfer service center. On the basis of Mette New Technology and Technology Center, the R&D center focuses on the research and development and application of common technologies related to automotive special materials, and establishes a material development and improvement technical guidance service, third-party testing service and technology transfer service for all automotive and manufacturing enterprises. Set material design, development, testing, industrialization, enterprise technical guidance and technology transfer as one of the research and development center. With the goal of enhancing the core competitiveness of Fujian Province and China's automobile industry, manufacturing industry, material industry, and automobile industry optimization and upgrading, we strive to become a strong technical backing and support for China's automobile manufacturing enterprises.



    In November 2021, academician Hong Maochun of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and leaders of Minhou County came to the Southeast Automobile City for investigation and research. Fujian Metal-new, as a representative enterprise of Minhou County, was selected as one of the inspection enterprises. The leaders fully affirmed and unanimously praised the fruitful achievements of Metal-new's scientific and technological innovation.



    In December 2021, Chen Qiyu, secretary-general of Southeast Science and Technology Industry Development Institute of Fujian Province, Zeng Xiangyun, director of Science and Technology Commissioner Service Office of Southeast Science and Technology Industry Development Institute of Fujian Province, and other leaders awarded the "Home of Science and Technology Commissioner" plaque to Fujian Mete New Aluminum Technology Co., LTD.


     The award of the plaque created a precedent for science and technology commissioners to enter the industrial field to serve outstanding enterprises. Kote School Service Office and Fujian Metal-new Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. jointly make efforts to build an industrial "home of science and technology Commissioners" demonstration site, to provide strong scientific and technological support for the construction of scientific and technological innovation, achievement transformation, promote enterprise development and industrial transformation of industrial enterprises, and to build an exchange platform for excellent science and technology commissioners in the industrial field. Recognized by the Fuzhou Science and Technology Bureau, Metal-new was awarded the innovation-driven service station of the China Non-Ferrous Metals Society and built the Fuzhou Advanced aluminum alloy production Technology Innovation (Platform) Center.



    Strive hard to compose a magnificent chapter! Metal new will take this successful inclusion in the fourth batch of national level specialized and new "Little Giant" enterprises list in 2022 as an opportunity to continue to deepen its core technology and achieve a new breakthrough in fully opening up digital and intelligent transformation. Be a leading enterprise in mastering key core technologies and developing with excellent quality and efficiency, and take practical actions to welcome the successful convening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. In the grand journey of comprehensively building a socialist modernized country and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, write a new glorious chapter in the new era!

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